Yes, it is important to know the difference to determine which best fits your desire, needs and style. Alternatively it is important to know which type of client you would be. Then and only then we can create the best possible outcome of our randez-vous for an unforgettable peak experience that you perhaps are seeking whether for a day or a lifetime.

Different men are looking for different things and there is much confusion around about many terms improperly used in the industry by lack of knowledge or simply by the desire to take advantage of this grey area to simply mislead and lure you in by now too many ladies, agencies and such who falsely use terms like VIP, Courtesan, Exclusive and High Class where mostly there is not much basis for any.

A courtesan, before anything, tries to remain relatively exclusive and is truly selective about her encounters. She does not see common men who can afford to see her somehow but the truly elite gentlemen who understand and truly appreciate what she offers.

It is important for you to know and understand what you are looking for, so you are not disappointed or wasting money on services that you will not enjoy. Please understand I am one of the very rare premium international courtesans in the world, there is not many of us around at all, and please after reading this, determine if this is what you in fact are seeking. I would be so delighted should you see us as perhaps an exciting and right match:-) and develop the bond that will exquisitely enrich both of our lives!

I am not pursuing this profession to see bulk clients to make the biggest buck in no time, therefore you won't see me advertise my calender booking every single day of my life with as many appointments as I could possibly squeeze in as I wish to remain quite exclusive and fresh while maintaining my private life fully, pursuing my interests, learning and growing, always keeping room for recharging to be able to offer the best service that I can which is now kindly, widely recognized as simply unrivalled by any. I most certainly am not one who would mislead you about what I have to offer, claiming false degrees, false seeming life experiences, false accomplishments of any kind. I would like you to know exactly who and what I am and what my service is about so that you can determine for yourself if we could be the right fit and whether or not you wish to meet/get to know me. I am in many ways quite unique with my extremely unusal background, formal and informal education, many travels, talents, hobbies, interests and quite extraordinary personality.

A COURTESAN CLIENT is usually a rather selective & mature individual, looking for a deep connection, an emotional enhancement with romance, sensuality and very 'intimate' intimacy. He requires a stunning young woman who can provide for him on a very high level of talent in many different areas; intelligence, vast cultural experiences, global understanding, true class, entertainment, outfits & roleplay, ability to understand/converse in different foreign languages, musical instruments, striking beauty, and uninhibited bonding abilities on many levels. The courtesan service is rather Tantric in style, prolonging pleasure and postponing orgasm, possibly for a more fulfilling final climax. Much more intense and involved than the effortless encounters of an elite escort. This client is extremely selective. He would not consider embracing services that do not provide this level of beauty combined with this level of talent on such varied levels, as to this man it would be meaningless. This client needs meaningful encounters, and not all high class escorts are capable of or willing to open up that much emotionally to a client. A man who prefers to spend money on himself for quality would never utilize a parlour or average escort service.

A HIGH CLASS ESCORT CLIENT is looking for an uncomplicated session of good conversation, beauty, fitness, and sexual talent. His desired companion is well spoken, well educated, but not providing anything too difficult or too elaborate. She is mostly not willing or able to open up and connect as deeply as a courtesan does. She is attractive to beautiful, with a pretty friendly personality, and provides what is known as a 'girlfriend experience', behaving as a romantic partner would. She is there with the express desire to seduce him, and climax may occur one or several times. Her focus is on elegant seduction, and this can include anything from a simple conversation, massage and intimacy, to dinner and romantic candlelight seduction scenes. These services can attract models and dancers, who enjoy the power of seduction and the joy of meeting new quality people and sharing sexy experiences, without giving too much of herself away. This man would possibly be frustrated with a courtesan service as it offers so much more depth, or might enjoy it as a variety occasionally if he can afford it. He would definitely be disappointed by a general escort or parlour girl. Anything less than high class is not good enough for him, he's fairly selective but not quite as elite as a courtesan client. He may be willing to pay similar prices for quality as a courtesan client, but he is quite happy with the ease and flow of the high class escort service.

AN ESCORT CLIENT is not looking to spend any more than he has to, and is simply looking for sex, no frills. He is usually similar to a parlour client but prefers the girl to come to him. A nice chat and sex, it's as simple as that. The escort is a generally average to attractive girl but has a willing nature and a friendly approach. This client will rarely use a courtesan service, as he doesn't understand why anyone would pay that price, and may not even be accepted as a client by courtesan or high class services. He may occasionally pay more for a high class version, but he usually thinks it's just for a prettier face or better body. He might not notice the difference in the service, if he is not well in tune with a woman's body and technique. He's not overly fussy, he just wants to be with someone and get what he's paying for.

A PARLOUR/ BROTHEL CLIENT is looking for quick, simple sex, preferably as affordable as possible. (Or sexual satisfaction without penetration, in the case of a massage parlour) He may spend quite some time with the girl, but it is based solely on sex and nothing else. The room is fitted out with a shower and a bed; there is no question as to the intent of this meeting. He is not usually looking for anything more than non-committal conversation and laughs, and physical closeness. A spa and/ or massage may be included. This client would be lost with a courtesan, (and probably would never consider paying that much, even if he could afford it) and no doubt frustrated with a high class escort, who wants to enjoy intelligent conversation & good fore-play with her sex; this man is best suited to cruising parlours, as he likes the variety of different girls all the time, and never gets too close to any of them. He may sometimes have his favourites, but is usually just looking for affordable sex. Selecting the right service style for you will often save you a lot of money during the trial and error & possibly some very disappointing experiences!

When you are ready for a worldclass premium courtesan of exceptional caliber, you now know where you'll find her! :-)

Courtesans in History

Courtesans have a unique and storied place in history. Throughout the ages they have been the companions and confidants to men of wealth and power. Valued as much for their wit and intelligence as for their physical beauty, they have always been associated with art and literature. In addition to providing inspiration to many great artist and writers of the past they often created their own works as well. The Heterai - a word meaning female companions - of ancient Greece were some of the more influential early courtesans. The most famous of these is Thais, mistress of Alexander the Great who later married King Ptolomy of Egypt.

In Venice beginning in the 1400s and continuing on until the early 1800s courtesan culture thrived. Venetian courtesans were flamboyant and fashionable women who lived lavish lifestyles and had access to education that most females of the time were denied. Courtesans of that time also engaged in charitable activities and many were known for their good works and compassion. Veronica Franco, one of histories most celebrated courtesans, opened a refuge for unmarried mothers in 1577 at a time when few options for women such as these existed. Refined women of style and cultivation, courtesans have at times been considered the ultimate luxury and at others a social necessity. They were the original self made women.

There is only a few courtesans live up to the craft today. In the eyes of such women lay an ocean of secrets, some meant only to be shared between the shadow and the soul. It is this mystery that captivates the mind and inspires excitement and passion. It is this mystery that beget the history of the muse of fire, the mistress, the lover and the courtesan. To be inspired by the depths of a look, a glance, the subtle turn of the head and the elegant length of the neck, is to experience art, life, and the wealth of possibilities therein.

**Partial content: courtesy of "Courtesans, How Many Left Today" by Alexis May and High Society Escorts, Inc.**


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