*After you check my rates and determine the length of the date you wish to set up with me, please kindly scroll down for etiquette to enhance, enjoy and simply make the very best of our time together*

Holiday Surprise Package *New*: :
Gift Package 1:
(For busy executives by *consistent* popular demand) Up to 2 hours: $1100
Gift Package 2:
Up to 3 hours: $1600
Bronze Package
Up to 4-4.5 hours luxurious introduction over dinner and/or drinks: $2000
(please kindly add $1000 if you prefer to stay in)
Silver Package (Luxury done right):
up to 8 hrs, long luxurious whole evening date: $3000
(please kindly add $1500 if you prefer to stay in for the entire date)
Gold Package
(For the gents with savoir faire):
Overnight ultimate pampering (12 up to 14 hours): $5000
(please kindly add $2000 if you prefer to stay in for the entire date)
Platinum Package
(For my very favorite gentlemen friends):
24 hours guaranteed *unforgettable* option: $7000
(please kindly add $4000 if you prefer to stay in for the entire date)
Diamond Package
(For only the most special):
Ultimate weekend adventure (starts Friday evening lasts until Monday morning or any 3 consecutive weekdays): $12,000
Pink Diamond Package
(Experience of a Lifetime!):
One full week of incredible adventures together: $25,000
Priceless Gem Package
(A month, a year or lifetime, let's decide together!):
Please contact to discuss details
2500/2hours minimum, 600/hr flat for additional hours. Please contact for longer appointments

*All meetings require a 25% deposit to reserve our time together, 50% if you'd like me to join you in your home town or travel abroad.
*Your deposit will be refunded fully if you have to cancel with more than two weeks notice, 50% if you allow seven days notice, 25% of your deposit will be refunded if you cancel between seven and two days. I will not be able to refund if you must cancel within 48 hours. I am sorry for this, but as I would be reserving this time just for us, a cancellation with that little notice might be very inconvenient for me. In the extremely unlikely event that I must cancel whatever the length of time to our appointed randez vous, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit.
*Depending on the destination that you would like me to travel to, the minimum time I require will vary. Please feel free to inquire.


1. To fully enjoy a courtesan encounter you must be freshly showered (sorry gentlemen, your morning shower doesn't count, and ladies please, this applies to you too!), be extremely well-groomed, smell nice and have minty-fresh breath.

2. Have my honorarium already counted and placed in an unsealed envelope with my name on it in a plain sight at my arrival.

3. Please never talk about money, never discuss any sexual acts, neither before nor during our date, neither in person nor via e-mail or phone.

4. If you would like to extend our time and if my schedule allows and I agree, immediately take care of the additional fee latest at the beginning of the extended time. Please be prepared for this scenario as it happens quite often. Again, do not discuss the amount, do never attempt to negotiate, inform yourself about my several packages and clearly specify which package you would like to upgrade your time with me. Please be respectful of my time.

5. Be respectful period and always a gentleman. You will be appreciated and generously rewarded for it.

6. Do not use foul language, do never curse.

7. Do not be heavily intoxicated and do not do drugs in my company.

8. Be healthy, positive and disease free like myself, do never suggest anything unsafe.

9. I reserve the right to end the date on the spot if you don't abide by the aforementioned rules and I will not refund your deposit.

10. Please do not "offer" me to date you, to live with you, buy me dinner, drinks, go to the movies with you or just "hang" with you, come visit you in your town, etc ... without compensating me for my time. These "offers" are at best silly and on a less than bright day will be taken as a plain insult. Please realize and remember I might absolutely love spending time with you and we might have great chemistry but that doesn't change the fact that this is a business. You charge your clients even if you adore them, don't you?

11. Please try to use e-mail as much as you can unless we must urgently connect by phone and please do not share my phone number as I will need to do my own screening before seeing anyone, although your referral will put anyone on the very top of my priority list and I very much appreciate all referrals & cherish them with all my might.

12. Please remember I absolutely love to hear from you after our date, a little nice note via e-mail will always be appreciated and remembered for weeks and months to come...


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