Where were you born, where did you grow up, what do you consider home town?

I was born in Paris, the capital of culture, beauty and romance! I grew up traveling all over Europe, first due to my parent's occupation, later on,through many scholarships (I have always been an exemplary and honor student) and several student exchange programs. As I have been infected by the "travel bug" during my very early childhood, I pretty much covered a big part of the world by my travels before I hit my early twenties. Then came a successful modeling career during college where I took all international assignments and traveled a great deal that way. I did a lot of volunteer work around the Globe that further contributed to this very nomadic lifestyle.I consider myself very much of a world citizen, pretty happy for the time being in New York where I am a part of a big melting pot of various world cultures and constantly in touch with pretty sophisticated, cosmopolitan and international crowds. I felt I was home the very moment I stepped into JFK for the very first time :-)

For you, what is the recipe of a romantic evening?

Contrary to the answers previously given to this question which makes me laugh quite a bit, I will not give you a one size fit all standard recipe that is nothing but a cliche because every encounter is unique and the definition of a romantic evening with each individual will inevitably be different. What I will call the common denominator would be an evening that blissfully awakens and fully engages all 5 senses and a few more that I happened to discover and quite fully mastered, I must add ;-) but let that be a secret between me and my lovers, will you? If you want me to be more specific and give a few for instances without giving away too much, I find skinny dipping in the Mediterranean. I find skinny dipping in the Mediterranean after a candlelight, intimate dinner tete-a-tete, in the middle of the night, lights barely illuminating the surface, and refreshing water caressing our skin, quite sexy. We swim in the night for hours, make love in the sea, while gigling, playing, laughing, caressing and kissing, then jump back in my lover's yacth, curl up with warm bordeaux in chrystal glasses in each other's arms, listening to Debussy, whispering sweet nothings, giving each other soft, romantic kisses, sensual massages, then find ourselves in a sudden burst of passion again and let go..as romantic as staying in wherever we are and building a sensual feast for ourselves with bubble baths, beautiful satin sheets, flowers, massage oils, candles, perfume, champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries, soft jazz, maybe if mood strikes silk blindfolders and velvet handcuffs, no?..On the back of a Harley with my lover, feeling one physically and spiritually in a threesome with the wind can also be as exciting, fun, sexy..and yes, romantic to me..or a quite simple pic-nic in the country that I jazz up with a lot of imagination and creativity ;-) You don't want me to give out all my secrets, do you? :-) Scenarios are endless and as varied as individual tastes and mood at the given moment..I like to be creative and refreshing, not just for my lover but for myself too, with always pleasure in mind, consuming, addictive, explosive and loving, tender..pleasure... Believe me, we all deserve it and it doesn't take too much time nor money to create it as long as two people are truly into each other, love life, committed to enjoying it fully and want to keep it fresh and exciting!

In your opinion what are the characteristics of a great relationship?

Let me start with the three main ingredients we all know about yet sometimes think can overlook, simply because we are too eager to find "that great relationship" when we find one or two aspects of it. To my opinion they are the must have building blocks of a great relationship and it will not survive unless you have them all: genuine love, mutual respect and deep and sincere trust. Unless one builds all three within oneself, again, it is impossible to build that with another human being. That, I know for sure! A great relationship is the one that helps and supports both parties to grow personally and psycho-spiritually to their fullest potentials. Constant growth can be challenging at times for either or both parties..but let's not forget that we have love, trust and respect to support us and to fall back on during those occasional trying times. Genuinely liking each other's company and great chemistry don't hurt either, two other must have ingredients, if you ask me! ;-)

Do you think men and women are fundamentally different inside?

First of, we all are human beings regardless of race, religion, culture and yes: also, gender. What makes us human, whatever that means to you, is the same at the core. To me that means, our conscience, empathy, searching for love, harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life..Having said that, it is now scientifically proven that women and men are neurologically "wired" differently, therefore, we process information differently, because we process information differently we act differently, our basic needs and interests are mainly..well, quite simply: also different. That is caused by nature (by our bio-chemistry that is) and undoubtedly nurtured by societies, some more than others, to further widen the gap between the two genders (no offense for people who consider themselves a third gender, we simply do not have enough information and numbers about them to derive any meaningful conclusions) The good news is the gap is narrowing down between genders with the emerging of the new conciousness in both men and women, now that we are in Aquarius Age. "New Man" let me call it, is getting more and more in touch with his feelings vs being in constant denial and suppressing whatever it is, not quite like his neandarthal grandfather, he has more advanced EQ, more intuitive, understanding, questioning, and tired of having to be the macho power house all the time. Evolving, in brief, if you allow me to use that term. Women also, tired of the traditional role play, now getting more independent, more authentic, more assertive on top of all her amazing feminine powers. Quite wonderful if you ask me! Of course, these changes are occurring not just overnight but if you observe, they are everywhere, right before your eyes and I see the future for new generations quite exciting.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things (besides food and water) would you want to have?

Easy: 1) My dog (She can't live without me and I would be too sad without her, I feel I am responsible for her happiness and wellbeing throughout her life and I know she is happiest when she is with me, so I can't deprive her of her only source of real happiness and I can't deprive myself of the love that I have for her. I am afraid we have pretty co-dependent relationship but isn't it the nature of dog-human relationships? ) 2) My lover! (Yes! That would turn the deprivation of the luxuries, necessities, diversions, stimulations of old life we leave behind, actually to something to celebrate, to look forward to..day and night! Ole! Not too bad!) 3) My journal (Where I keep a pen inside, so I am counting it for one item only, you'll let me cheat that much, won't you?) I think, imagine, create and live so much better when I write..I would slowly die if I couldn't. So I am glad I am allowed to bring a third item. You know what, coming to think about it, I really like this idea of getting stranded on that deserted island! :-) Huh, how about that?

Where would you go on your dream vacation?

I am quite multi-dimensional so the answer to this question is not simple either! (what is new, right?:-) It depends on what I need and where I am at that given moment and my destination will vary. I strive for balance, intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually, on top of it I don't mind indulging once in a while in other pleasures! ;-) Chartered and unchartered territories are equally welcome! ;-) So, as a rule of thumb, I try to combine all those elements in one as much as I can. Sometimes when my spiritual needs preceeds I don't hesitate a moment, to pack up and go to a mountain top for weeks at a time, if I feel I miss the culture of Europe -which is always going to be a part of me, it is instilled in me, what can I say, and I am quite shamelessly addicted to it- I pack up and go in a moment's notice, soak up the culture, rich history, museums, theatre, fashion...the nostalgia, the warmth, the romance!..Mmmm! Nowadays between Europe (my cherished past and where I am constantly drawn to) and US (my new home and where my heart beats now) I have a new interest for Africa and the magical, majestic, raw richness of the terrain. I am planning a fabulous long trip with an old friend/new lover I will tell you all about it on my diary, you know you must check it every week, don't you? ;-)

Are the pictures on your website really you?

Yes, they most defiitely are! All my pictures in my portfolio are being constantly updated and kept current with the exception of a few hand selected all time favorites based on popular demand of my old trusted gentlemen friends. All my photos accurately represent how I look like at the present time although I am constantly kindly being told that my pictures simply do not do me justice as you can never reflect the warmth and beauty within via photographs. So I guarantee you will be VERY satisfied with what you will see!

Why do you blur your face on your pictures?

True Quality Ladies who are Authentic VIP Courtesans like I am proud to be -which is not very many at all today- understand the importance of privacy. I blur my face (and do not sell it to the mass public for a small membership fee for extra income on my website either), to simply protect both our safety and privacy. You would not want me to plaster myself all over the internet like some "ladies" and take me to escort you for your company lunchin, to a great vacation together or out anywhere in the world risking everything you would want to protect. I must also add that I also have a fairly high profile position in my daily life both at my current "day job" and all my extra-curricular activities such as several board memberships of widely known mostly internationally known charities, etc, that I wish to protect, keep strictly anonymous and totally separate from my courtesan lifestyle.


Will you send me some more photos after I am screened?

I am sorry but for the reasons stated above I am not able to send any more photos of myself even if you are pre-screened or even an established friend.

Are you a GFE?

I am beyond GFE. I am an authentic, premium, international VIP courtesan in the *real* sense of the definition. Please read the related section on my website that sheds light into that little understood area of companionship services and what a true courtesan means.

Why are your rates so high? or Why are your rates are not as high as anyone would expect from a lady of your caliber and the rare quality service that you are able to provide?

I try to keep my rates fairly lower than what I could have charged to give us the opportunity to spend bigger chunks of time, take off a few days for fabulous vacations or little getaways every time we see each other, enjoying each other and life around us as much as we desire, without any pressure on you or me having to sacrifice quality. That is why I charge less than a few who see anyone and everyone who can afford their fees once but see them only *once*! They artificially set their rates higher than others to simply create what is called "perceived value" with a ton of advertising all over the internet and have nothing special or extra to offer in return. That is why they do not have repeat clientele and have to constantly advertise very aggressively with artificially inflated rates and they are very easy to spot. My reputation is built on the very rare, very intimate service that I am trained and able to offer and excel. I offer this to a very select few that I have been seeing on a regular basis for years but with very little time on my hands. Having recently finished my advanced education and owning my own business now I am free to travel for extended periods and would like to add more of the same kind of select gentlemen to now fully enjoy travels, vacations, great intimate times, more than I have been able to so far. I certainly charge more than a few others: The latter is quite appearent, if you didn't notice it so far, you will clearly know why, when you meet me.

Do you expect gifts or tips?

No, they are never expected or required but your kindness and generosity is always appreciated and never forgotten. I added a section to my website about my wish list for dear gentlemen friends who frequently asked what would make me happy. Nothing compares to your company but I must honestly tell I also LOVE and VERY much enjoy spa certificates, gift certificates to Saks, Barneys, Bergdorff or Tiffanys -always a sure bet and always *greatly* appreciated! I also love perfume (Cartier "Panthere" Eau de Toilette), candles, fresh flowers. I absolutely LOVE to be surprised! However your kind, generous and sincere company, again, is the greatest gift of all and I appreciate nothing possibly better!

Are you discreet?

Absolutely, I'm 100% safe and discreet, your privacy is very much sacred to me and I require the VERY same from you. Furthermore I never keep records -unless you want me to in order to stay in touch with you, if we feel we have an exceptional rapport-. I destroy all information immediately after our date, and I offer confidentiality agreements upon request for gentlemen of relatively higher profile.

What kind of clients do you prefer?

I like to provide companionship to a very select, small group of very upscale, truly elite gentlemen who understand and appreciate finer things in life, along with what a courtesan service is versus seing random and general escorts, looking for that special, elusive lady to get to know and enjoy a speacial relationship with. Drug and disease free, perfectly groomed, kind, sincere and respectful, as I am. I must also tell you that I am a very big fan of a good sense of humor and a good sense of adventure is priceless to me!


Are you a smoker?



Do you have any tattoos or piercings?



What are your hobbies?

I LOVE to travel, that is my greatest passion. I thrive on exploring and getting to know all exotic cultures, as a matter of fact, I can't get enough of it! Although I already traveled a big part of the world I take trips all over the globe any chance I get. I adore dancing, I am a classically trained dancer, I also enjoy samba, flamenco, salsa and ballroom dancing. I love music, a big Opera fan, I very much enjoy symphony, I have a burning passion for fine arts, I also love outdoors, swimming, sailing, horseback riding, inline skating, beach volleyball and am a very accomplished sky diver. Yes, I jump out of perfectly running air planes! I am a verocious reader, usually read a few books at a time. I love self-exploration and spirituality is a big part of my life. I have myriad of hobbies and interests, some I might even forget to mention, I love to live life fully, enjoying every single drop of it, each moment!


Are there any special discounts?

Sorry, but no. I do not negotiate my honorarium and do not enjoy spending time with gentlemen who do not understand what I have to offer. Your time with me will be well worth my honorarium and more. Should you have financial restraints at the moment, I completely understand, please look elsewhere for companionship among many other ladies advertising on the internet and please do not contact me until you are able to afford spending time with me.


Why do you prefer a 4 hour minimum?

Although I offer 2.5 hr introductory meetings in NYC or wherever I might travel to other than my current base city, I consider 4 hour the absolute minimum to really experience a courtesan encounter. I especially like whole evening dates and overnights to truly *connect* and for sparks to fly freely between us, and to truly enjoy each other. After the initial meeting, spending a weekend together, taking a trip to an exotic island or Europe will be as unforgettable as a beautiful dream as I am the perfect vacation partner with my vast cultural experiences, ability to speak more than a few European languages and ability to adapt and enjoy a variety of settings from the absolute jet-set, Ritz in Paris, to back-packing in the Himalayas...


How much notice do you need?

The more notice I have the more likely I will be able to see you at the time you requested. Keep in mind I am very selective and because I have a career and a full life outside of this I am not frequently available. I can occasionally be spontaneous, but more often I require advance notice.


What is your schedule like to fly you to my hometown or for dates longer than a day?

It varies so I don't have a set schedule. The best thing to do is to e-mail me with the time and dates you would like to meet and we'll go from there.


Where can I meet you?

Worldwide by appointment. I am based in Manhattan, New York but I travel to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, Las Vegas, Paris and London quite often, have also recently been to Nice, Hong Kong, Dubai, Morocco and Peru. I am very international and found globally although I call New York home for the time being.


What will you wear for our date?

I will ask you what you prefer I wear and dress appropriate to the occasion, but whether it is casual or formal dress I always dress conservatively with a "subtle sex appeal".


What are your culinary choices?

French, Japanese and seafood. I am semi-vegetarian.


Wine or Champagne?

Dom Perignon is my absolute favorite. I also like Cabernet Sauvignon, an occasional after-dinner Port and Perrier.


What type of music do you enjoy?

I have varied interests and music is not an exception to that. I love Opera first and foremost. Classical, jazz, soft rock and new age are also my favorites.


Do you book appointments with women or couples?

Yes, I love both men and women. As you might have already guessed, I am quite selective with my own gender as well. It is about the deeper connection to me not just the physical bodies we happen to live in. So besides excellent hygiene, adventurous, hedonistic streak and a desire to meet me, I prefer to meet a particular type of lady that is kind, sincere and beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside, as I would like to believe I truly am. I enjoy both sexes immensely.


Do you enjoy what you do?

Absolutely, very much so! I am a premium international courtesan and an excellent and accomplished VIP companion that is quite rare and in demand, not just a gentleman's companion or an average escort service. It is a great pleasure for me to offer this truly special service to elite gentlemen who understand and truly enjoy it. I love that part of my life where I can help make a difference, by bringing healing, wholeness and joy to my partner's life through deep intimacy and shared sensual adventures. I love making your experience with me definitely an exceptional one. I adore intimacy and I treat every encounter -whatever the length of time we might spend together- as a real mini-love affair free from all drama, entanglements, attachments, obligations and demands of a girlfriend or a wife.


What do I need to do to make an appointment?

You will find all required information on my reservation page. I need you to please completely fill out all required fields, otherwise I am afraid I won't be able to consider your inquiry. Alternatively, you may copy the questionaire and send it via e-mail, again after completely filling out all required fields. I will need to see your ID and a proof of work at our initial contact. If you don't feel comfortable enough with me to provide required information to assure my safety and yours, I won't be able to see you, sorry, please don't even suggest.


Is there anything else I need to know?

You are paying for my time and companionship only. This is not an offer for prostitution. Understand and agree that any money exchanged is for time and companionship only. Legally, I cannot and will not discuss or agree to any type of solicitation. No fees or tips of any kind will be quoted, negotiated, assessed, or collected in exchange for any sexual conduct. Anything else that may occur is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for, or compensated for in any manner.






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