I want to thank you in advance for your e-mail. I always LOVE to hear from you, look forward to all my e-mails and will respond as quickly as possible. So please be patient, I am inundated by e-mails.

Before sending me anything please make sure you looked at my honorarium and are OK with them. If I haven't met you yet, please fill out my appointment request form that you will find at reservation section, completely, otherwise I am afraid I will not respond. My time is very scarce and truly precious as I am sure yours is, so I will only welcome serious inquiries from gentlemen of distinction and quality who are able to appreciate who I am and what I have to offer. As soon as I receive your inquiry I will contact you at the number you prefer me to and as soon as you are screened I will provide a private phone number that you may contact me at your leisure. Trusted and much cherished friends are always welcome to call anytime, I simply love hearing from you.

Warm regards and much love,

Email: Tess@TessEloise.com




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