Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Measurements: 36CC-24-36
Size: 4/6
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Exotic, Seductive, Almond Shape
Lips: Full
Complexion: Smooth, velvety skin, olive complexion with a year around tan
Origin: French-Italian with a dash of Scandinavian
Base: New York and Paris, Bi-Continental.

I was born in Paris to an unusually affluent and pure blue blooded European family which gave me the opportunity to get the best of education anyone can ever dream of in the world's top private schools from kindergarden in France, highschool in Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden, college in Italy, Asia and Middle East to a recently finished Ivy PhD in the USA. From the very early years of my childhood I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to several different cultures through extensive travels, some due to my parents involvements others countless modeling assignments, student exchage programs, lived in many different countries, 3 different continents and speak several languages, perfectly fluent in three. I found myself playing in commercials, movies, participating in hundreds of pageants and modeling before I could even speak as I have always been considered -not to blow my own horn but- considerably attractive both inside and out. Although I had fun with all that, before all that shaped me into someone light years different from the mainstream middle class, if you will, I decided to leave the life of privilege behind to explore and experiment with the "real" world and all various aspects of who I was that I wanted to get to know completely and on my own. Let's face it that is a solitary job if it is meant to be done right! I have been a nomad since then, verociously independent, completely self-sufficient, always idealistic and truly authentic. I got a significantly high profile around charity environments worldwide through years of dedicated work that I take great pride of. I worked in the corporate America until recently while studying full time for my PhD, quit to start my own business and very recently finished my studies through several international scholarships, always on the honor lists while keeping another dimension of my life hidden from everything and everybody that was involved in my "day life" or should I say "lives"? :-)

Being a courtesan, frankly, came naturally to me because of my great interest in sexuality, adventure, intrigue and spirituality combined with my looks that without any effort on my part always attracted any man from any culture or background whatever I could be doing or wherever I might be at the time and of course I can't downplay an awful a lot to share through the kind lof life I led and continue to do so, so too many into one.
Although I do keep my life in "daylight" and my occasional escapades in this fascinating existence quite separately, I take delight in noticing the experiences in both, while distinctly kept separate, richly contributes to each other..

Now that you know a bit about me, if you see us perhaps compatible and/or if you find yourself intrigued by what I can offer, I would absolutely be delighted to get the chance to make your acquaintance soon enough to delve into the incomparable delicious path of mutual exploration, exploration of life and pleasures beyond anyone's imagination that only deepest intimacies allow and only a quite distinct pair can pull off!

I can't wait to hear from you!

Fondly yours,


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